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The brief

  • To create a unique and bold new brand identity that showcases the brand as a gourmet, premium, chic & modern brand.

  • To create a unique logo that is simplistic in nature, and can be easily differentiated from the Marvel Movie brand.

  • To explore an artistic yet minimal visual design style for the packaging.

The Theatre Project

The brief

  • To come up with a catchy, easily recognizable and smart brand name.

  • To create a brand logo which can be easily associated with the product at first glance, is modern & minimalist.

  • To create a doodle based packaging design with smartly written content & flavors.


The brief

  • To start an entire rebranding process & create a new logo.

  • To create packaging that is bold, bright & eye-catching.

  • To conceptualise and ideate the brand’s visual story and create design synergy across all platforms.

  • To create ID cards, visiting cards etc in tune with the design philosophy of the brand.


Notandas Jewellers




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